Blockchain Platform - DNSEver Inc.

Blockchain Platform

IT Architecture Design

Despite complex IT systems and expansion, DNSEver has expert design architects who can optimize and manage internal processes for faster and more effective operations - without neglecting stability.

Infrastructure Development

To build our customers' IT systems stably and efficiently, we provide customized infrastructure environments according to the customers' business requirements. We have infrastructure assets such as large-scale data centers, and both domestic and overseas NW development to best support reliable IT systems.

Application Development

Our experience in handling large-scale projects from various fields allow us to offer customized application development services for each of our customer's specialized business needs.

Blockchain-based Development

DNSEver develops blockchain-based platforms with the highest performance. This service was born out of a contract signed with an overseas company which has entrusted DNSEver with delivering their business with excellent technology.

World-class Processing Speed

Customers are empowered to execute speedy trades with our matching engine that is unparalleled to other exchanges worldwide.

1.5 Million Order Matching per Second

The platform's fast and reliable processing power gives its customers a competitive edge in market trading.

Customizable Trading Dashboard

The exchange screen layout is completely modular and can be customized according to each user's individual preference. Simply drag-and-drop the screen components to rearrange them quickly.

Professional Trading Options

Both limit and market price transactions are supported to provide flexibility for customers' preferences.